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The Blues are an American art form and an important part of our country’s heritage, born in the South during a time when people were not all treated as equals. The music reflects a dark time in our nation’s growth, yet it also shows the ability of the human spirit to find ways to overcome and express itself in a way that reveals a deeper truth. By teaching about the origins of the Blues and focusing on common ground we can find in the music, the Blues in hte Schools presentations offer a unique way to introduce the history woven into the music as well.

If you know of any schools or organizations that would like to have the MBS make a blues music presentation at any of their functions, please contact us at (901) 490-7314, and we'll try to make that happen. 



If you would like to volunteer your time to perform at an outreach event, please let us know as well! We need your help to expose new audiences to the blues! We're trying to grow future blues music fans and performers!

The Memphis Blues Society Jam Band has a monthly blues music outreach to area health centers, which provide 24/7 care for those in need of it. Since the residents cannot get out to a blues music venue, the Memphis Blues Society brings the music to the residents. The jam band performs a one-hour set of blues tunes to typically very enthusiastic audiences. Currently, the MBS jam band is rotating monthly between National Health Care, in Somerville, TN; Millington Health Care, in Millington, TN; Grace Health Care, in Cordova, TN; and West Memphis Rehab, in West Memphis, AR. The photos below are from a recent performance at the National Healthcare facility in Somerville, TN.